Beyond Steel Posts

FITTA Beyond Steel Posts are Australia’s only structural retaining upright that’s super lightweight, resistant to rust, and offers universal sleeper compatibility! *

Say goodbye to machines & heavy labour, FITTA Posts weigh just 4.3kg per metre! That’s a massive 75% lighter than traditional steel retaining uprights, ensuring the fastest safest installation in the industry. Featuring a patented design made from Fibre Reinforced Polymer and manufactured using cutting-edge pultrusion techniques, Beyond Steel Posts are rust, corrosion & chemical resistant! Manufacturing via pultrusion also removes the need for any significant heating or cooling, making FITTA Posts the most sustainable option on the market. * Beyond Steel Posts are also compatible with any sleeper type that can fit inside the custom 110mm internal channel. Whether your next project is a retaining wall or garden bed, FITTA Beyond Steel Posts are guaranteed to save you time and labour!

FITTA Beyond Steel Posts are available from select Bunnings Warehouse stores in NSW, QLD & Victoria.

 -Finish Quicker with FITTA Beyond Steel Posts-


*Please select a Bunnings home store for the link to work*

Installing Beyond Steel Posts VS Steel Posts

The Greener Way to Manufacture

Pultrusion requires 75% less Energy compared to traditional steel manufacturing

*Based on worst soil type and not suitable for construction*
**Retaining Walls over 600mm in NSW & 1M in QLD/VIC higher require independant engineer design**
*** Always check with your local council regulations during the planning stage of your project***

Beyond Steel Post Australian Standards

FITTA Beyond Steel Posts Meet or Exceed the Following Australian Standards:

AS 1170: Structural Design Actions
AS 1170.2/ As 4055: Wind Loads
AS 4100: Steel Structures
AS 4600: Cold-formed Steel Member Design
AS 4678: Earth-retaining Structures
AS 1530.8.1 Methods for Fire Tests on Building Materials, Components & Structures
AS 3600: Concrete Structures
BAL 40 Fire Rating

Looking For A Licensed FITTA Installer?

FITTA Beyond Steel Posts Videos

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